Rosemount Tank Gauging System - "Raptor"  really takes tank gauging to another level, making you better equipped to handle the ever-increasing demands on efficiency, safety and accuracy. It is a complete and flexible tank gauging system, based on the open industry standard FOUNDATION™ fieldbus. Raptor can be used for refineries, tank terminals and in the petrochemical industry. It is the accurate system for custody transfer, process control, inventory control or for filling a tank without risk of overflow. The system can be designed for SIL 3 safety. The system includes cost-effective alternatives for each performance class. It can be configured with:

Tank Radar REX - (NB! Production discontinued from 2015) Custody transfer approved radar for tank level gauging. Accuracy ±0,5 mm. Digital outputs, possible output relays and temperature measurement connection 

Tank Radar PRO - Radar for tank level gauging in smaller tanks. Accuracy ±10 - ±3 mm. Digital outputs, possibility for temperature measurement connection.

Radars are connected to the level gauging system by two wires (Yamak Arm, or other appropriate cable). Cable must go to controll room, where is located communication unit FCU 2160: fcu.pdf If FCU is located away from PC, You have to install between FCU and PC a modem FBM 2171 fbm.pdf

Rosemount TankMaster - is the powerful Human Machine Interface (HMI) for tank inventory management. For TankMaster internet version click here:     NB!  Login ID: DEMO  Password: DEMO

Rosemount TankRadar home page:

The Rosemount Tank Gauging System is mainly used for storage tank gauging within tank terminals and refineries, and it consists of a large number of products to be combined to meet your requirements. The TankRadar level gauges and the other measurement devices, together with the TankMaster software, are integrated in the system to provide the best installed accuracy for product volume.