TDW Pipeline Pigging

TDW - T.D. WILLIAMSON is the pioneer developer and a leading manufacturer of pipeline pigs, launching and receiving components, quick opening closures and pig passage indicators. Our products are backed by nearly a century of experience and one of the largest fleets of equipment and accessories in the world. Our focus is and always has been our customers.

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Pipeline Pigging Products

VANTAGE® V Cleaning & Batching Pigs
Available for 10" and larger lines, this pig consists of one basic body and cup or disc design for batching and displacing.  Brushes or blades can be added for cleaning.  Two, three, or four cup configurations can be added.

BiDirectionAll Pig 
Designed for use in pipeline construction during hydrostatic testing for displacement applications.  The pig is bidirectional and designed to allow the user to hydrotest and displace water without having to remove the pig. It can be easily converted to a cleaning pig.

X-Pig® Multi-Purpose Utility Tool
Inexpensive, yet durable, 4" through 12" cas FORMULA SI® Polyurethane, general purpose, disposable pigs. Uses and attributes include removing water and liquids from pipelines, product separation, brush wrap option for cleaning, gauging plate option, bypass option and hollow core for transmitters or trip magnets.

PitBossTM Cleaning Pigs 
Designed to remove deposits from pits to allow corrosion inhibitors and biocides to deter corrosion. PitBossTM pigs are available in sizes 4" and larger and in dual diameter configurations.

Inflatable UNISPHERETM Pigs 
A seamless, liquid-cast, polyurethane sphere used for heavy-duty service in the removal of liquid hydrocarbons and water from pipelines and piping systems. "Spheres" are filled with liquid, usually glycol/water mix or lightweight oil, and are available in sizes 4" through 56".

Foam Pigs 
REDSKINTM urethane foam pigs are tough, abrasion-resistant, polyurethane foam. A wire brush model is available with patented variable bypass.  Both REDSKINTM and WHITESKINTM urethane foam pigs are designed for air removal prior to hydrostatic testing, dewatering, and drying after hydrostatic testing. Available in sizes 2" through 42".

OptionALLTM Cleaning & Batching Pigs 
Standard components can be assembled to make a multitude of configurations for cleaning and batching in sizes 4" through 14".

Speciality Pipeline Pigs 
Corrosion inhibitor pigs designed for the injection and batching of corrosion inhibitor fluid and gauging pigs designed to indicate obstructions in a pipeline.

Pipeline Closures 

TDW offers outstanding design features for quick opening closures that can be utilized in several applications.  Closures can be designed to meet pressure piping code (B31.3/B31.4/B31.8) or pressure vessel code (ASME Sec. VIII-1).

Pipeline Pig Launchers and Receivers 

Rugged and dependable TDW launchers and receivers are designed and built with the consistent high-quality workmanship required to meet the demands of pipeline operators the world over. With decades of accumulated "hands-on" experience, TDW produces launchers and receivers designed by experts to handle the toughest field conditions.

Pig Passage Indicators 

TDW offers two styles of pig passage indicators: the TDW PIG-SIG® V and PIG-SIG® IV scraper passage indicators are devices installed at prescribed intervals on pipelines to detect the passage of a pig or sphere.