SAAB TankRadar PRO

TankRadar® PRO is used for high precision no contact level and volume measurement on liquids, slurries and solids for: *Chemical and petrochemical storage tanks. *Pharmaceutical reactors. *Food and bevarage manufacturing. *Refinery vessels. *Water and sewage treatment. *Hydroelectric power generation and dams. *Cement, powder, wood chips and other solid applications.

Overfill protection (TÜV): overfill.pdf

TankRadar Pro with its advanced signal processing is suitable for both stand-alone applications and large-scale plant installations. Setup is done with a Windows based PC program or via the local display.
TankMaster can be used for tank inventory management.
The TankRadar Pro gauge is available in four versions for various requirements: Lite, Standard, Gold and Platinum.
There are also additional software modules to be used together with the gauges in order to optimize signal processing for different applications and to improve accuracy: Echofixer, FHAST™ and MET™. For the Gold version, these software modules are standard.

For non-hazardous area tanks without internal structures and agitators, such as storage tanks. Can, as option, be equipped with Echofixer, FHAST™ and MET™ software modules. Accuracy is ± 10 mm.
Can be improved to ± 5 mm with FHAST™ software.
Suitable for most tanks even if there are echo-disturbing internal structures such as agitators or baffles. Can, as option, be equipped with FHAST™ and MET™ software modules. Accuracy is ± 10 mm.
Can be improved to ± 5 mm with FHAST™ software.
For difficult applications in tanks or vessels where there might be multiple agitators, heating coils, beams or other sources of false echoes and where high accuracy and resolution is required. Accuracy is ± 5 mm.
For high accuracy tank gauging applications, Platinum is the best TankRadar Pro choice. It includes the FHAST™ software and selected hardware for maximum performance. Instrument accuracy is ± 3 mm (± 0.12 in.) for parabolic and 8-inch cone antennas.

TankRadar PRO technical description:  pro techn descr.pdf

TankRadar- ultimate radar gauge: pro ultimate radar gauge.pdf

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