SAAB TankRadar REX

TankRadar® Rex is designed for refineries, tank terminals and the petrochemical industry. It is the accurate system for custody transfer, process control, inventory control or for filling a tank without risk of overflow.

Rosemount TankRadar Rex measures levels to a precision of ±0,5 mm, can emulate level gauges from other manufacturers and be fully integrated into existing systems. More information
:  the new king.pdf

RTG REX technical description: rex techn desc.pdf

There is four different antenna types:

1. Horn antenna (RTG 3920) - for tanks up to 20 m. Technical description:rex 3920.pdf

2. Parabolic Antenna (RTG 3930) - for tanks up to 40 m, is especially suitable for asphalt and other heavy, contaminating products where a parabolic reflector has outstanding tolerance against deposits. Technical description: rex 3930.pdf

3. Array antenna (RTG 3950)- for tanks up to 40 m, is used for all tanks with still-pipes with or without floating roofs . Technical description: rex 3950.pdf

4. LPG/LNG gauge (RTG 3960)- for liquefied gas tanks up to 40 m.  Technical description: rex 3960.pdf

Consider tank gauging a system science. Saab Tank Control’s tank gauging is a total tank management system. It provides the ultimate tool for inventory and custody transfer tank gauging as well as loss control and daily operations. It includes level, temperature, pressure, mass, volume and water interface detection. The Saab solution integrates easily with your existing network, DCS or host computer system, giving you all the information you need in the control room.

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