SAAB TankMaster

It takes only one word to describe the new Saab TankMaster tank inventory system. Easy. Both to work with and to install on a PC. And it makes it easy for operators to have full control and for engineers to configurate and service tanks. And of course, the system is easy to connect with other systems as well as other Windows programs.

TankMaster is the powerful Human Machine Interface (HMI) for tank inventory management. It provides configuration, service and set up, inventory and custody transfer functions for Saab Tank Control’s tank gauging system. All calculations are based on current API and ISO standards.

TankMaster can communicate with Microsoft programs and OPC compatible systems like Intellution’s iFIX® and Wonderware´s InTouch®. By sharing data with users on all levels of the enterprise, operators and plant management are better equipped to make timely decisions.

TankMaster is developed and supported by Saab Tank Control. This ensures that you get a reliable leading edge system with full technical and global support. Or in other words – you get a system that is so advanced that it´s easy to use.

For TankMaster internet version click here:    LoginID: demo  Password: demo

TankMaster'i description: tankmaster.pdf