Kappa Gi operates in the vapour recovery field since the 80’s, when volatile organic compound (V.O.C.) emission control laws were not yet in force. At that time Kappa Gi started manufacturing vapour recovery units allowing oil companies the resale of condensation products as gasoline. Kappa Gi process was limited to the condensation of V.O.C. by mechanical cooling; later on an adsorption section by activated carbons was added to meet the new European emission limits.

Nowadays Kappa Gi is the only company able to offer different types of V.R.U.s according to Clients requirements. Kappa Gi has built several units and today about seventy are in operation throughout Europe (Italy, Germany, Switherland, France and Greece); Kappa Gi is involved in process, mechanical and software engineering, construction supervision, personal training, after sale services and maintenance. Units are manufactured by a selected workshop, taking care both of technic and operation sides to guarantee liability and safety.

Types of V.R.U.

Of the various types of units Kappa Gi have built, two are the most frequently requested:

One stage units:

V.O.C. adsorption by activated carbons, vacuum regeneration, absorption by gasoline of desorbed V.O.C.

Two stage units (Kappa Gi process):

condensation of V.O.C. by cooling and adsorption of residual V.O.C. by activated carbons regenerated by vacuum.

Both processes guarantee high efficiency and reliability, and meet all requirements.

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