Decades of experience in advanced engineering knowledge and a thorough understanding of fluid mechanics is what separates SPX Flow - Philadelphia Mixing Solutions from its competitors. And, most important to our list of world-class customers, is the fact that we use this unique level of expertise to completely eradicate the problems and what-ifs of designing a process system.

In addition, we're able to offer you the full services of the finest mixing technology lab in the world and its staff of some of the best minds in the business. With test vessels ranging in size from 5 litre to a 2850 m3 full scale test basin, you're assured that no matter what your application, need or problem, it can be resolved by Mixing Solutions.

Top Entry Mixer

Mixing Solutions offers a full range of top entry mixers. As is the case with all of our mixers, it's important to note that we manufacture all of our own gear drives in accordance with the latest AGMA standards.
Side Entry Mixers

Mixing Solutions is proud to offer two state-of-the-art designs for side entry mixer applications. Both Cutlass™ brand side entry mixers feature our exclusive technology, offering exceptional penetrating power (thrust), while minimising the widening of the flow pattern (shear).

Together these highly engineered solutions provide intimate product blending performance and optimal levels of solids suspension in any application. With adequate power requirements met, correct propeller chosen, and mixer(s) positioned as recommended, tank cleaning and successful bottom sediment and water control are achieved efficiently and effectively.

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SPX Flow - Philadelphia Mixing Solutions