MATRIX Internal Floating Roofs are available in aluminum, pontoon, full contact and stainless steel

The Heavy Duty Pontoon Aluminium Internal Floating Roof (IFR), together with the Full Contact Honeycomb Panel Aluminium IFR, is the result of over 25 years of our engineers’ practical tank experience in IFR installation, maintenance and design.

Our IFRs are durable and overcome the many design problems that exist in other well-known brand IFR’s. When the concern is “whole of life cost,” our quality engineered heavy duty IFRs offer tank owners the best possible value for money.

The Matrix Applied Technologies Heavy Duty pontoon type IFR is designed to provide indefinite maintenance-free operation of the main structural elements. Suitable for earthquake prone regions or in tanks subject to high sloshing and/or turbulence due to high fill rates or mixers.   The Matrix Applied Technologies Full Contact Honeycomb Panel IFR bottom surface remains in full contact with the stored liquid. Unlike pontoon IFRs, there is no vapor space beneath the IFR panels. The Matrix Applied Technologies Full Contact Roof uses a unique & easy patent-pending panel to panel bolted connection system with continuous sealing between the panels, ensuring leak free seams.  
Heavy Duty Skin and Pontoon Internal Floating Roof Full Contact Internal Floating Roof

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