SKUM foam proportioners

There is four types of SKUM foam proportioning units:

1) Tank proportioner is the basic foam concentrate proportioning unit in the Skum bladder tank foam proportioning system: TP-50/20; TP-80/20; TP-100/50; TP-150/50; TP200/80; TP250/80; TPW-100/50; TPW-150/50; TPW-200/80; TPW250/80

2) Pump proportioners where the foam concentrate is supplied to the proportioner by a foam concentrate pump: PP-50/20; PP-80/20; PP-100/50; PP-150/50; PP200/80; PP250/80; PPW-100/50; PPW-150/50; PPW-200/80; PPW250/80

3) "Inline" inductors: MI-25F; MI-25P; MI-25/40F; MI-40; MI-50FMI-65F; MI-80F; MI-100F; MI-150F

4) "Around the pump" inductors: PI-25; PI- 65; PI- 100; PI-Matic 150


Bladder tank

The most important feature of a bladdertank-system is its design, based upon non moving parts. The moment a main water pump kicks in, the system goes into operation, meaning the bladdertank will be pressurised and allowing foamconcentrate to mix into the main line at the preset proportioning rate. As no further utilities are involved except for the main waterflow (for example generated by a diesel driven pump) a Svenska Skum bladdertank proportioning system provides a fail-safe operation.

Data sheet:  * vertical bladder tank

Data sheet:  * horizontal bladder tank