SKUM Hot Foam System

The HotFoam System is not only efficient and swift when it comes to combatting fires in enclosed spaces. It also reduces the secondary damages as the water content in the foam is low. For the same reason, conventional high expansion foam systems have been used extensively for decades where high value are at stake such as in civil and air force aircraft hangars, large volume warehouses and production plants.

Most hazards within enclosed spaces can be efficiently protected by a HotFoam System. When activated, the water fog provided by the system will ensure a very fast temperature knock-down. Following this, the foam will totally flood the protected area in a matter of minutes, and submerge a fire as well as exclude the air needed for fruther combustion

The complete HotFoam installation consists of the following components: - Water source - Releasing arrangement - Foam liquid storage tank - Foam proportioning unit - Foam/water piping - Hotfoam generators with cappacity of up to 60 m3/min

Foam generator HG-15 Data sheet: * hg15.pdf

Foam generator HG-25 Data sheet: * hg25.pdf

Foam concentrate Meteor+ Data sheet: * meteor+.pdf