AroundThePump inductor

PI-25; PI- 65; PI- 100; PI-Matic 150

The around-the-pump inductor is a foam concentrate proportioning unit, designed to be connected in a by-pass between the pressure and suction side of the fire water pump. This system enables just a small part of the total water flow, the feed water, to pass through the around-the-pump inductor without causing any pressure drop in the water line.

Around-the-pump inductor PI-25. Data sheet:  *  pi25.pdf

Around-the-pump inductor PI- 65. Data sheet:  *  pi65.pdf

Around-the-pump inductor PI- 100. Data sheet:  *  pi100.pdf

Around-the-pump inductor PI-Matic 150.  Data sheet:  *  pimatic.pdf