Inline inductor

MI-25F; MI-25P; MI-25/40F; MI-40; MI-50F; MI-65F; MI-80F; MI-100F; MI-150F

The basic function of this stationary inline inductor is to inject foam concentrate into a water line. It provides a simple and dependable means of injection.

Stationary inline inductor MI-25F. Data sheet: * mi25f.pdf

Portable "inline induktor" MI-25P. Data sheet:  * mi25p.pdf

Stationary inline inductor MI-40. Data sheet:  * mi40f.pdf

Stationary inline inductor MI-50,65,80F. Data sheet:  * mi50,65,80f.pdf

Stationary inline inductor MI-100,150F. Data sheet:  * mi100;150f.pdf

Stationary inline inductor MI-25/40F. Data sheet:  * mi25/40f.pdf