ISOVALVE automatic valve

One of the main features of the ISOVALVE automatic valve is that it uses the pressure of the fluid passing through it, to perform the functions which it has been designed for. The valve shutter is driven by the movement of the upper diaphragm, actuated through the energy of the process fluid.

The valve operation may be obtained by: • Solenoid valves in EEx-em o EEx-d CENELEC version (24 V DC/220 V AC.) one of them with emergency manual override in case of electrical signal lack • Pneumatic valve (air supply 500-800 Kpa) • Hydraulic valve (actuated with the same process fluid, minimum working pressure 100 KPa)


The valve control circuit may be configured in different ways in order to get several functions, with the same kind of valve, as follows : • One stage shut-off • Two and three stages shut-off • Non return • Flow limiting • Flow rate control • Differential pressure control • Pressure control • Level control • Pressure relief for by-pass. Other special versions on request

Technical data:  isovalve.pdf