ISOIL VEGA II - electronic counter

Why electronic counter?

An essential part of mechanical flowmeter (P.D. meter or turbine) is its “mechanical counter”, that is to say, a local indicator fitted on the meter, actuated by its ouptut shaft and consisting of a set of gears and numerical wheels to display the amount of delivery. To allow a read-out in engineering measurement units (litres, cubic meters, etc.), a calibrating mechanism must be fitted between the meter and the counter, consisting of a speed variator, by means of which suitable calibration may be effected. The mechanical counter is often fitted with a preset (for setting the volumes to be delivered), which is also mechanical, and further additional accessories as: weight and volume adaptor, flow rate indicator, pulse transmitter, temperature compensator. The last, in particolar, is mechanically complex, since it is based on the thermal expansion of a liquid contained in a suitable thermometric probe. The expansion causes a speed change in a second mechanical counter. All this is rather clumsy and clearly shows what problems all these mechanical devices can give: firstly, the need of regular servicing and maintenance, since there are several components subject to wear and tear; secondly, problems due to the considerable sizes and weights, as well as the lack of modularity and flexibility. The ideal solution can only be provided by electronics. The electronic VEGA counter developed by us is the outcome of our thirty years experience in the manufacture of P.D. meters and complete automation systems.

VEGA II is an electronic counter that can be used for measurement, control and automation of liquid products. It is compatible with almost any type of flow meter and its typical applications include tank truck, rail car or barge loading in petrochemical plants, custody transfer applications and truck deliveries.

* VEGA II technical description: vegaII.pdf