Filters, filter-airseparators

The strainer-air separators Isoil are necessary on a measuring system as protection against the foreign matter in the flow stream and to vent air essential for accurate metering.

Interesting feature is the combined solution: filtering and air separation in one vessel. This allows a space reduction in the installation. Strainers are designed to give a minimum pressure drop and a maximum protection of the P.D. meter. The main characteristics is the great filtering surface of the basket respect to the liquid inlet/outlet section. This allows a long working time before the strainer’s cleaning.

For specific uses of filtering only or air separation only, strainers FA type and air separators ASV type are available.

The electronic grounding unit MT30 is the result of technological and functional updating of the previous model MT20, that has been installed in thousands of petrochemical and chemical plants in Italy and all over the world.

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