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Insulation Jackets

Also referred to as insulation blankets or insulation covers
removable-reusable insulation jackets are the cost effective way to insulate valves, flanges, vessels, pumps and other process equipment.

Fabricated from a wide range of materials depending upon the system temperature and specific service environment insulation jackets provide an economical way to insulate components which require routine maintenance and other hard to insulate equipment.

Insulation jackets provide excellent protection on instrumentation transmitters, gauges, valves, flanges and other components where frost protection is required. For extreme sub zero temperature electric trace heating is incorporated to compensate for heat loss and prevent the onset of freezing.

Valve & Flange Insulation Jackets

Removable Insulation Jackets have become widely accepted as a speedy and economic way of reducing heat loss and providing protection against hot surfaces.

Valves and flanges are often over looked during construction however an uninsulated valve is liable to loose the heat equivalent of at least 1metre of the same size of uninsulated pipe work. Installing one of our thermal insulation jackets will provide instant benefits, please mail or call to discuss specific requirements and achievable energy savings.

Heater Jackets

Heater Jackets provide a removable heating solution for numerous different applications and industries. An integral heating cable is used to maintain the equipment at the required temperature, which may vary from freeze protection to process temperature maintenance. They may incorporate a thermostat for close temperature control or supplied with a stabilised self-regulating design. Heater jackets are manufactured to suit each individual application and can be supplied with Atex certification when required.

Please mail or call for further advice and technical information.

Gas Bottle Heater Jackets

Removable Gas bottle heater Jackets provide a removable heating solution to compensate for the problems associated with the temperature drop when discharging gas from cylinders. They also eliminate inaccurate calibration and process control caused by temperature compromised gas mixtures.
Please mail or call for further advice and technical information.

IBC Heater Jackets (Intermediate Bulk Containers).

IBC heater jackets are designed to provide an electric surface heating solution for products stored in 1000 Litre Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC’s).

They are used throughout the pharmaceutical, chemicals, cosmetic, food processing and manufacturing industries with Atex certified solutions for use in hazardous areas.

Please mail or call for further advice and technical information

Laboratory Heater Jackets

Laboratories and Research Industries generally have unique and individual requirements with high temperature being the most common design issue within the overall design criteria. Specific textile products, insulating materials and heating elements are available to satisfy all applications.

For particular requirements and technical information please mail or call.

Instrument Heater Jackets

Most instruments have limitations when placed in harsh environments and subjected to sub-zero temperatures. Heated instrument jackets provide a cost effective protection solution and replace tradition rigid GRP enclosures where clearance is restricted. Generally tailor made to individual requirements please mail or call for further information.