SILEA loading arms

SILEA loading equipment is capable of responding to almost any type of loading requirement. There are many outstanding characteristics incorporated in each SILEA loading arm.

All individual segments of the SILEA loading arms are flanged, thus offering easy interchangeability and easy adaption of the loading arms to the specific requirements of a given loading facility.

The materials used for SILEA loading arms are of highest quality, are accurately machined and require a minimum of maintenance.Of corse, regular lubrication of the moving parts is necessary and shold be performed in accordance with instructions.

The SILEA loading arms are built in such a way that swing joints, seals or complete segments may readily be exchnged.

The SILEA standard models may be supplied in different lenghts, the swing joints may be supplied in cast iron, steel, bronze or aluminium to suit special requirements. Loading valves are also available in aluminium or bronze according to needs.

SILEA offers loading arms suitable for loading installations from small to very large sizes as well as for top or bottom loading and for loading over long distances.

Loading valves are supplied with all SILEA loading arms. The loading valve may be equipped with a vacuum breakerwhich is to be used primarily on installations where loading occurs through a dip tube.

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