ECCOTARP складные емкости


Продукты для защиты людей и окружающей среды, аварийного реагирования, а также в качестве профилактики от нежелательных утечек и разливов. Очень полезно для - пожарных, военных, нефтяных вышек, транспорта, промышленности, судоходства, сельского хозяйства и лесного хозяйства. Продукты экономят размещение и хранения. Мобильные и готовы для быстрого использования. Переносные цистерны варьируются в различных размерах.

Eccotarp ET

Eccotarp ET

Easy folding tank for environmental protection, made in ten sizes.

Eccotarp ET Large

Eccotarp ET Large

Large Surface Folding Pool for protection against leakage of dangerous liquids.

Eccotarp Cargo EUR

Eccotarp Cargo EUR

Tank specially designed for the handling on EUR pallets.

Sorbent Dispenser Cart SDC03

Sorbent Dispenser Cart

Easy folding cart ensures even distribution of sorbents.

Industrial Folding Funnel IFF

Industrial Folding Funnel IFF

For mobile use in hard to reach places. Resistant to technical liquids.

Magnetic Drain Cover MDC

Magnetic Drain Cover MDC

The magnetic properties of the MDC attach to metallic surfaces.

High capacity tank with  collapsible structure

High capacity tank with collapsible structure

Utility water reservoir or a collection tank for hazardous substances.

Collapsible Containment Tank

Collapsible Containment Tank

Backup water reservoir at difficult to reach areas. Fast assembly.



Prevention of spills of hazardous substances in warehouses or intrusion of rainwater.

Hose Winder ROLLY

Hose Winder ROLLY Plus

For easy and fast coiling hoses after a training or action.

Foldable Drip Tray

Foldable Drip Tray

With exchangeable absorbent lining for minor leaks of water, hazardous fluid


















More information you can find from ECCOTARP web page:

Eccotarp gallery & presentation videos:

ET -Series Multifunctional Tarp:

ET-Large - Large Surface Folding Pool:

CARGO -Series Multifunctional Tarp for cargo-pallets:

SDC -Series Sorbent Dispenser Cart:

IFF -Series Industrial Folding Funnels:

MDC -Series Magnetic Drain Covers:

HCT - High Capacity Tanks for Utility Water:

CCT - Collapsible Containment Tank for Clean Water:

ECO-Barrier - Prevention of Spills:

ROLLY - Hose Winder:

FDT - Foldable Drip Tray :



Products and product lines

General overview of all Eccotarp products and product lines. The products are clearly classified into appropriate categories.

Portable collapsible bunds

  • Collapsible spill bund Eccotarp ET

  • Multipurpose spill berm UNIQUE

  • Spill bunds Cargo EUR and Cargo DP



  • Decontamination spill bund for rescue and emergency units

  • Eccotarp collapsible railway bund

  • Collapsible antistatic tank Eccotarp ET-A


Large folding pools

  • Large Surface Folding Pool ET Large

  • ET Large HD Heavy Duty Folding Pool


High capacity tank

  • High capacity tank with collapsible structure

  • Collapsible containment tank


Emergency containers

  • Emergency container EC 01 and EC 02


Drain covers

  • Magnetic Drain Cover MDC

  • Foldable Drain Cover FDC 01



Rollers for fire hoses

  • Electric roller for fire hoses up to 5" ET-Roller 5

  • Rolling winder Rolly Plus


Dispenser Carts

  • Foldable Dispenser Cart SDC 03