PROTEGO valves and flame aresters

Flame Arresters – Low Pressure Safety Relief Valves – Tank Equipment

What is a flame arrester?
independent protective system (94/9/EG)
A device fitted to the opening of an enclosure or to the connecting pipework of a system of enclosures and whose intended function is to allow flow, but prevent the transmission of flame (EN 12874:2001)
endurance burning flame arrester
end-of-line deflagration flame arrester
pre-volume deflagration flame arrester
in-line deflagration flame arrester
in-line detonation flame arrester

What is a low pressure safety relief valve?
A device for relieving excess pressure or vacuum which remains tightly closed up to the set pressure, which is lower than for standard safety relief valves. However, the low pressure safety relief valves fulfil the equivalent quality requirements as standard safety valves.
pressure or vacuum relief valves
compined pressure/vacuum relief valves
operated pressure relief valves

What is tank equipment?
Devices for installation on tanks storing flammable or non flammable liquids. Our tank equipment is suitable for application within hazardous explosive areas.

level indicators
floating roof drainage systems
swing pipe systems
quick-action bottom drain valves
air drying equipment