Waste and Water Treatment

RAPTORTM - High Purity Oxygen Delivery System For Wastewater
Directional Mixing & Aeration System Rator™ Directional Aerator is a technically advanced directional mixing and aeration system that delivers improved aeration, mixing efficiency, and deposition control along with minimized foam development. The design aerates and mixes wastewater while creating horizontal velocity in a chosen direction. Mixing occurs by inclusing a circular flow pattern. In nitrification mode, it aerates and mixes. In de-nitrification mode, it mixes only to create BNR (Biological Nutrient Removal) Capability. The key to the system’s effectiveness is the propeller and unique double shear diffuser mounted below the propeller, providing rotation. The unique diffuser generates much smaller bubbles and subsequently much higher surface area per unit volume resulting in enhanced oxygen transfer potential. • Disperses oxygen throughout the entire basin to maximize exposures to micro-organisms. • Optimizes oxygen/liquor interface time with small bubble size and combined horizontal and vertical velocities. • Keeps solids suspended and evenly distributed throughout the entire basin. • Prevents anaerobic zones. • Improves oxygen dispersion and reduces solids deposition. • Mixes wastewater containing high levels of DO with wastewater containing low levels of DO.
Data sheet: http://www.mixingsolutions.com/literature/MSL129C0810_Raptor_A3sm.pdf