Flue Gas Desulphurisation


A breath of fresh air in FGD Oxidation Technology

FGD Processing Optimization Mixing Solutiions Limited has the application knowledge and expertise to optimize the entire FGD treatment process. From the slurry tanks to “The Absorber”, the heart of the wet FGD scrubber system, Mixing Solutions Limited guarantees your process requirements are met.

Mixing Solutions Limited’s unique AirWing™ sparge and High performance Side-Entry Absorber Agitators combine to offer outstanding FGD Forced Oxidation performance.
• Phoenix™ offers utility operators efficient and more reliable absorber performance than conventional technology
• Phoenix™ provides superior oxidation performance (mass transfer) for assured gypsum quality
• Phoenix™ offers unlimited air handling capacity for future process needs


Data Sheet: http://www.mixingsolutions.com/literature/MSL341_FGD_A3.pdf