START Italiana is an experienced company active in the field of the measure and the control of level and volume of the liquids, that use has base principle the force of the binomy “technology & competence”. A group of highly specialised technicians and a net of operating agents on all the Italian and international territory guarantee to the customers a service of elevated quality, efficient and accurate.

START Italiana manufactures level and switch sensors, with different technologies and materials, alphanumeric and graphical electronic displays, floats for GPL, fuel and diesel oil, besides to distribute products and technologies of qualified international constructors with the exclusive right for Italy; for the applications correlated with depots and service stations, START Italiana has developed and now it manufacture a magnetostricitive complete system for the measure and the control of the tanks, than in the 2007 has won the ENI for the Italian market.

START Italiana is in a position to proposing total solutions and specific services in the chemical and oil energy and water distribution fields, in the installations in hazardous areas and more in general terms, in the process and factory automation

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You can download from here the leaflet: Start Italiana "Level Management System 2008".pdf