ISA Telemetry

A Complete General Purpose Gas Telemetry Solution

iGas is a complete LPG Telemetry solution comprising very efficient and reliable hardware and a powerful backoffice web-based and user-friendly software. iGas has been installed among the main LPG european distribution companies since 1996 (BP, Shell, BUTAGAZ, SHVGas/Primagaz, Repsol, etc), providing significative reductions in their logistics costs.


•  GSM/SMS Communications

•  Internet Based System

•  Plug&Play, Easy to Install Remote Units

•  Monitoring of Level, Meters,Pressure and Temperature

•  Low level, Replenishment and Abnormal Consumption Alarms

•  Compatible with several types of sensors and transducers

Web-Based and Mobile User Interface

iGas is operated by iGasWeb, a powerful, yet easy to use Internet-based software:

•  Global Datawarehouse

•  Worldwide access

•  Geographical data representation

•  Easy enterprise data integration (ERP)

•  Dedicated reports including network replenishment forecast

•  Centralized alarm management

•  Abnormal consumption notification

•  SMS and E-mail event notifications

•  User-profile oriented (dispatcher, commercial, supervisor, etc…)


Product Overview

ISA offers a complete line of iGas remote units customized to fit the different needs of each segment of the market (industry, automotive, piped and domestic LPG). Available models include: wireless or cabled link between the tank and the control unit; fixed line, GSM or satellite communication with the data center office; solar panel or mains power options and, since 2004, the new battery powered, GSM based, very easy to install system (ATEX certified to be installed in Zone 1 - directly over the tank), which represents a giant leap towards the massive use of LPG telemetry.

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